Thursday, November 09, 2006

Melancholia wrapped in digits, packed for your pleasure

Promo album and mp3 robbery time, hosanna!!!!
short post, I promise to soon write a piece about a Spanish goat shepherd named Salvador and about a weekend I spent in arty calm Vienna.

Joanna Newsom - YS
What's with that title? What gives, we all have heard Newsom's childlike tongtwisting technique by now and you'll either hate or love it. Neutrality dies a lonely death indeed. The album is just counting 5 tracks all between 7 and 16 mins and it has less harp in it, which is probably the only bad thing to comment as the full-on producution is sublime! It has been produced by the Albini-O'Rourke tandem and they have implented some orchestral effects in vein of the Sufjan Stevens sound; violins, banjo's, piano's, flutes... but no electronics though -pfew!-
It's like a magical fairytale soundtrack, unique to any other folk album I've ever heard and definately one of the best 2006 albums

Joanna Newsom - Sawdust and Diamonds

V/A - 4 Women No Cry Vol.2 (on Monika Enterprises, the minimal feminist label)
One of the 4 ladies on this compilation, Mico is living in London and probably Japanese when her lyrics reveal it all too well. Note; must ask Japanese housemate to translate all the gibberish and she'll probably say it's *strange* music, as she likes to say. The best thing about Mico is that she's like MIA, but without the marketable image, sound and cultural jinx behind her. No fancy trumpets or stolen baile funk electro, instead she gives us dark minimal grime, her wretched digitalised voice without any compromise to sounding smooth. Gritty rules!

Mico - Signal Sound

Nina Nastasia - On Leaving
-no poking about Anastacia here- Nina isn't really a happy person one must think, it shines out through the music. it's still nice music for lonely moments though.

Nina Nastasia - Settling Song

Ode to the Arabs.......
'It was the biggest cock you'd ever seen', opening line of the best Arab Strap album Philophobia. Ah Martijn, thanks for reminding me that sight, can't lose it now. The mighty noir Arab Strap are doing their supposedly last ever tour at the moment. Playing here on Friday, the perfect moment to salvage a dark mood to glorious depths. They always seem to come and go in the personal moments in life thus I'll admit craving a big love for the ol' Strap ever since their beginnings. There, I said it. One thing is that their lyrics are always from a male viewpoint, touching the borders of the male emotional interior in a way that women will find hard to relate to. These lyrics reveal the soft yet harsh side of masculine feelings, not compromising with the female viewpoint and deeply going into sullen moods of endless melancholy. In that way, the appeal of the band to lots of indie males is very much explained, though as to understand the band's appeal to the slimmer female fanbase is quite mystifying, at least to me. Before ending up doing a grand analysis on this which could result in nothingness, it's better to let it rest and simmer. Their last album *The Last Romance* however, is dire and empty, void of any subtle slurs and fuzzy acoustic play exchanged for more speeded electric play. People are spot on when they claim that *Monday At The Hug and Pint* should have been their true peak end, pity. A shit ending is perhaps the exact pinnacle that suits their musical path into oblivion. If they truly are happy people now, no reason in carrying the soul burden around anymore. I truly thank them that they're not gonna bring us new cheerful wishy-washy songs that B&S are already bringing us, lord forbid. Let's dampen and drown the spirits in beautiful melancholy with some IMHO best moments:

Arab Strap - Amor Veneris (The Red Thread, 2002) That sad sweet piano roll, woah!
Arab Strap - Loch Leven (Monday At the Hug and Pint, 2003)
Arab Strap - New Birds (Philophobia, 1998)
Arab Strap - I Would Have Like Me a Lot Last Night (Philophobia, 1998)
Arab Strap - Aries The Ram (Elephant Shoe, 2000)

To seal off, Scorcese remakes sesame street, it's kinda lame yet everyone will still want to watch it, tap in on the synchronisation and be amused. so be it.
.... sigh

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