Thursday, February 08, 2007

The roundup spreads into Edimburgo

first, weekend roundup.

Friday, Jason Molina. You take one gubby dwarf playing singer-songwriting tunes, give him a capo so that he will play the same chords *a lot*. Despite this demeaning tone, his voice was crisp clear amazing to listen to. One of a kind sort of stuff. Pity about the fact that most songs sounded much alike and he didn't peek into his better stuff. No miss nor win. Just was.

Saturday, We vs. Death & Sennen, at the livingroom concert in the Ondiep artist breeding place. So there we go, postrock galore. blissful thinking and uncut nostalgiarama. The whole of arrangement of the livingroom was amazing, one white wall had old dia's projected from exotic holidays taken in the 70's whereas the other wall had movies projected onto them *The Birds*, *Coffee & Cigarettes* & *Dr. Strangelove*. You couldn't go wrong with that selection. Danielle Liebeskind did her non-amplified singing with the guitar aside, followed by the postrock blasts by We vs. Death. Sennen sealed it off perfectly, accompanied by Dr. Strangelove on screen, and it seemed as if every scene was made for the 40 minute sountrack of Sennen. The closing scene with all the a-bombs going off also created a climax in the form of exploding live sound. It was unplanned by the band, yet everything fell in the right place. Coincidence was not an oddity, rather the status quo.
After that me, Rory and Alison biked our way to the Rasa for some hustle n jumping Balkan music. Utrecht's gypsy punko DJ Tommi held up the night in a firm grip, entertaining us with classic and unheard gems. Sparkling bright, shiney of glitter..the sounds took many that eastern european guy who kept on falling on the wet floor with every special move, time after time. Or that bunch of students that leapt on each other or were climbing the walls. Playtime mayhem, but it was all earnest and sincere spirited. Many smiles kept on going around and around and around.

Sunday, bar-work time. voluntary yup yup. After a night of not-so-good/much-sleep, the motivation sinks away, but it was defo nice to see loyal friends and family (Hi mom!) coming along as supporting clientele. Apple crumble, mmmmmmmmmmhhh I dream of cinnamon fairytales.

sooooooooooo secondly, what else?

Earlier today friend Peter asked me to come for a brainstorming session, mysteriously spoken. it was about a project he and Danielle (Liebeskind) are having for the *Club van 100*, which is a running tv show on the public broadcasting channel about how people can help other people, by using creative idea's with no personal/commercial gain. Right, the pinnacle idea of their project is how to get people to interact with special moments and share these with others, strangers or not, with the goal to create a common awareness that is not easy to be found nowadays. Tough cookie to bite, the raisins are dried out and the chocolate stale. So what can be done? Enter brainstorming session. I unsuspectedly sat at the table, ate some tofu curry, but when I had to speak my mind about what a *personal special moment*signifies and means to me, I had a camera glaring into my eyes. yikes. Apparently our talks will be used in the next episode coming Monday the 12th. Double the yikes. Haven't decided yet whether I will watch or not.
See more about it here

Just (read: 1 hour ago) came back from the Club 3voor12 session in Studio Desmet, A'dam
Me and Floor the only ones of our troop who wanted to catch the Scottish songwriter Malcolm Middleton (ex-Arab Strap guitarist) play tonight, so off we went! Malcolm did about 5 songs on his guitar, roughly voiced sung in a demeanor that was Arab Strap worthy. Scottish colleague Stevie D was abliss, so was I. It's a kinda funny start to my long weekend as in about 10 hours I will be off to Edinburgh (or locally known as Embra) for a few days. It will be nice to visit my friend Nessa there for the first time, taste some auld whiskey, do some hiking in nature and visit galleries. I'm sure more will come across our path.
So it's Scottish all the way these days. I talked a bit to Mr Middleton and he revealed that he might be on the 12.30 flight same as me, which adds even more coincidental batter to my short travel roll, ''Perhap' see ya lae'er den'', he outted. Let's see.

2:30am now, first thing in the morning before Schiphol airport looms, a short visit to the Utrecht university has to be made... future oh future of negotations, vague huh?

some Scottish pieces before I sign off....

Women waulking - Ho Na Filibig Chunnacas Bata
Arab Strap - Loch leven intro


Dave Berry said...

Maybe William should have sent Nessa's copy of Franks APA to you, since I forgot to bring it when I saw her at the weekend. I plead jet-lag (I posted it instead).

SebCatLitter said...

hi dave, hmmm perhaps so, pity I didn't think about arranging a small meet-up....weekend was too short I reckon :(