Thursday, April 12, 2007

Vonnegutted & droney clouds in canyons

Hi bookworm club,

Sad news; another visionair master bites the dust, at the oaked age of 84 though. Vonnegut's legacy will hopefully continue to inspire future generations long after us, as to not make people step into the same reality pothole that he made himself escape from. Slaughterhouse-Five was the first eyeopener for me through a socio-political writing style that breathed sarcastic splendour. In the same sharp vein as CĂ©line, Vonnegut portrayed and analysed humans in certain social environments and say, their reaction to war and doom-like situations, for the best and for the worst. All done in a sci-fi anorak made out of unfiltered black comedy.

Some Vonnegutian quotes, as impromptu cited by an irish friend:

"everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt"
"How nice to feel nothing, and still get full credit for being alive"

a sway back to reality, away from the printed paper and its poetical truth.

Last Tuesday evening, those 2 seperate livingroom concerts were a world apart. One room, filled with cosy matrasses and pillows, provided folk and songwriter jibes. The other, wooden benches and a wall of meditative noise to crush yourself on. Both settings confined of beautiful tones nonetheless, at least in my ears:

Dutch outfit This Leo Sunrise did their folk set before a home crowd. Hailing from Utrecht, they somewhat linger inbetween the folk-tastic Dirty Three and frickle songwriter folk in the footsteps of name-one. It's just an estimation. I do find their live sound better than on record, guess it had to do with the comfy livingroom.

This Leo Sunrise - This Is Our Glorious Time

A marriage in noise; German-American duo Cloudland Canyon. They are a Hamburg-Memphis connection, which is indeed a non average team-up locationwisely seen. Praise the internet for data back-and-forth tuggles, which kept this project alive through the static hemispheres.
Their live set was one steady drone of heavy thumping and subsonic tremblings. As I said earlier; it was pretty meditative and eye-closing. Near the end, fuzzy organ sounds overwhelmed the atmosphere to give it a psychedelic shine. Great stuff, please come again to play guys...anywhere...anytime!

A bunch of empee's from their "Requiems der Natur 2002-2004" album, which actually isn't so noisy, but spiked with freakfolked drones instead. Lovely all the same.

Cloudland Canyon - Opening/ Ice of Rift
Cloudland Canyon - Clearlight Intry (for full enjoyment; play it queued straight after Ice of Rift as they belong together)
Cloudland Canyon - Field Ghosts
Cloudland Canyon - Holy Canyon (Vanquish)

beep n scratch. astronaut out.


Aly said...

Watch that vid, its the 'obituary' fox broadcasted on Vonnegut, calling him 'rich and irrelevant' and his works 'mumbo jumbo'.

Well done, Fox strikes again!

In other news, this is a nice quote that was on the Wilco site:

"No matter how corrupt, greedy, and heartless our government, our corporations, our media, and our religions and charitable institutions may become, the music will still be wonderful. If I should ever die, God forbid, let this be my epitaph:
-Kurt Vonnegut

mmm, music :)

Aly said...

This link is better, I just noticed the other one has annoying commentary

Sofie said...

Right. Ik moet toch dringend Vonnegut eens gaan lezen. Bedankt om me daarvan opnieuw te overtuigen.

SebCatLitter said...

Aly, - thanks for the vid, a typical Fox spin though but hey, what else was to be expected?
muzak on your tombstone, that surprises me...perhaps an Efrim quote to go by, ya? ;)

Sofie, - I'm reading Breakfast of Champions at the moment, which is high in irony as if it were a book to be read by non-humans. I love that thought. Highly recommended litter. quote: "a gun is something that makes a hole into people. Sometime a man decides to make a hole into his wife. Sometimes a woman decided to make a hole into her husband"
umbrella's and generic misanthropia.... great to be human huh? :)

hmmm, I've been lousy at updates though.

Sofie said...

Fantastisch toch. Kritiek kunnen geven op de mensheid omdat je er zelf deel van uitmaakt. Ik ben echter geen paraplu; maar ach, die ondingen zijn door mijn soort uitgevonden, en zo is het altijd goed...

Eerder onbegrijpelijk ook dat je luide kleuters te pruimen vindt, ikzelf zou er kamikazeneigingen van krijgen. Verdraagzaamheid is te hip om verdraaglijk te zijn.

SebCatLitter said...

hey sofie,
wow, petje af dat ge desondanks mijn internationale aantijgingen toch stug in de moedertaal blijft hangen ;)

een misantroop zou er geen zijn zonder een overmate aan zelfkritiek. hoera aan ons en de cirkel is rond, oftewel ovaal. er worden meer ondingen uitgevonden door deze nobele soort. idee voor topic?

het onbegrip voor mijn kleuterpruimingen...ah, in de 2e paragraaf staat nochtans precies uitgelegd waarom het zus en zo is. :)
helaas betekent dat niet dat ik naar kleutergeluiden luister met pedo oren. ja weer een mythe ontrafeld.

drie kruisjes en ik ben ermee weg.
behoud je hipheid eh?