Thursday, May 17, 2007

Brosseau, the Dakota troubadour

Short post before trainsitting my way to the Ardennes for a few days, where a patch with a clean natural river running through will wait. bliss. Just need to get away from this concrete jungle, quickly.

Meet Tom Brosseau from the plains of North Dakota, a sweet gentleman fella I met last year when he was touring with folkies Vetiver. In a smooth high pitched voice he sings his alternative country and in the same soft manner he releases hushed words when speaking.

You can see and hear him doing his styled thing, walking around on the streets on New York and in a N.Y. barber shop. He remains composed, smiling to people as if it's his natural place to be there. It's a recorded and video'd here. Take a peek.

Plus, some free tracks were to be found elsewhere. Find them uploaded below.

Tom Brosseau - Amory
Tom Brosseau - Corina, Corina
Tom Brosseau & Angela Correa - The World is Waiting For the Sunrise

That's all for now. Gotta run.

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