Friday, February 13, 2009

Awakening on friday the 13th


awakening from blog neglected sleep.
*sniffing at new paint*

this for now:
Okkervil River - Listening to Otis Redding at Home during Christmas
Thanks to Nilo for his swell selected mix tape

Vosbikian Band - Yar Muneyi
Thanks to El Rikko for his excellently diasporic 'soft guide to Armenia' compilation.

An animist & animalist ode to friday the 13th, as well on Nesske's
365nights blog. Meet my adopted stray beach daughter of Portugese descent. The Africans downstairs are seriously wary of her. Just like most Africans tend to be scared of cats, I've noticed. She approaches them anyhow, rubbing her whiskers and fur against their legs while they try to hurry past her. Fledermaus love.


NaïsCreations said...

hey, lucy! hoe gaat het met je???

Alison Thomson said...

Lucy! Ah, I miss her too....

Sebastien Angulo said...

Hey Lucy ! Nice to see she's doing fine ! :-)

carolina said...

own... what a pretty cat!

nice you're back. :)

kissu :*

Chasten said...

hey that's juicy lucy!! :) whaha

joana said...

eia supseb glad this thing is back!
aw that cat is evilcute<3 (go portugal!)
i bet she's been messing/eating that plant for a while now

SebCatLitter said...

hey all,
*Mri'oauw*, or as Lucy prefers in pigeon sounds; *Prrrrrr*
Me and Lucy thank you all for the wellwishes, paws out! :P

nah Jo, she hates plants. she stared it to death I'm sure. no wonder nothing green can grow here. praise the portugese beach cats, keepin' it real!