Monday, February 03, 2014

66 Records Of 2013 That Made My Year

ah yeah, not much activity here anymore...
but now I then I peep up from my rabbithole here the 66 records that moved or inspired me, having them on replay or playing them at parties :)

1. Meridian Brothers - Desesperanza (Soundway Records)

2. Colleen - The Weighing Of The Heart (Second Language)

3. Idassane Wallet Mohamed - Issawat LP (Sahel Sounds/Mississippi Records)

4. Ignatz - Can I Go Home Now LP (Fonal Records)

5. Mdou Moctar - Afelan (Sahel Sounds/Mississippi Records)

6. Matana Roberts - Coin Coin Chapter Two: Mississippi Moonchile (Constellation)

7. Jean Mikili - Un Homme Blanc (Matamore/Humpty Dumpty Records)

8. Ed Askew - For The World (Tin Angel Records)

9. Bahru Kegne - In Memory Of Ethiopia's Greatest Azmari (Terp Records)

10. A Hawk and a Hacksaw - You Have Already Gone to the Other World (L.M. Dupli-cation)

11. Mammane Sani et son Orgue - La Musique Electronique du Niger (Sahel Sounds/Mississippi Records)

12. Grand Kalle & l'African Jazz - Souvenirs From the Congo LP (Planet Ilunga)

13. Lonnie Holley - Keeping A Record Of It (Dust-To-Digital)

14. Tal National - Kaani (Fat Cat Records)

15. Magik Markers - Surrender to the Fantasy (Drag City)

16. Michael Hurley - Land of Lofi (Mississippi Records/Change)

17. Lisa Germano - No Elephants (Badman)

18. Grouper - The Man Who Died In His Boat (Kranky)

19. Lucrecia Dalt – Syzygy (Human Ear Music)

20. Bill Callahan - Dream River (Drag City)

21. Kink Gong - Voices (Discrepant)

22. Various - Angola Soundtrack 2: Hypnosis, Distortion & Other Innovations 1969 - 1978 LP (Analog Africa)

23. King Ayisoba - Modern Ghanaians (Makkum Records)

24. Los Chinches - Fongo (Movimientos)

25. Yoshimi - Bottelaars en Beesten (YCR)

26. Super Onze de Gao - Session Pour Yehia Le Marabout (Two Speakers)

27. Sorie Kondi - Thogolobea (Dutty Artz)

28. Pheno S. - Kani (Sahel Sounds/Mississippi Recs)

29. Hisham Mayet - The Divine River: Ceremonial Pageantry In The Sahel DVD (Sublime Frequencies)

30. Various - Hassānīya Music From The Western Sahara And Mauritania (Sublime Frequencies)

31. Chalachew Ashenafi & Ililta Band - Fano (Terp Records)

32. Dirty Beaches - Drifters / Love Is The Devil (Zoo Music)

33. Arthur Russell - Another Thought LP (reissue) (Arc Light Editions)

34. Various - 100 Moons: Hindustani Vocal Art 1930-55 (Mississippi Records/Canary)

35. Kesarbai Kerkar - untitled (Mississippi Records/Canary)

36. Various - Nightingales & Canaries (Mississippi Records/Canary/Change)

37. Various - Choubi Choubi! Folk And Pop Songs From Iraq Vol. 2 (Sublime Frequencies)

38. The Ex & Brass Unbound - Enormous Door (Ex Records)

39. C Joynes et son Ensemble - Portland Arse (Sloow Tapes)

40. Tremor - Proa (Wonderwheel Recordings)

41. Juana Molina - Wed 21 (Crammed Discs)

42. Various - Mountains of Tongues Musical Dialects of the Caucasus (L.M. Dupli-cation)

43. Hailu Mergia & His Classical Instrument - Shemonmuanaye (Awesome Tapes From Africa)

44. Aminata Wassidjé Traoré - Tamala (Akwaaba Music)

45. Jerusalem In My Heart - Mo7it Al-Mo7it (Constellation)

46. Itasca - Proto (Sloow Tapes)

47. Zikr Project - no title (no label)

48. Mazel Combo - Kirbo (Graphouillages Hubbubhum)

49. Various - Pop Yeh Yeh: Psychedelic Rock From Singapore and Malaysia 1964 -1970 (Sublime Frequencies)

50. Various - Soul Safari Presents: Township Jive & Kwela Jazz Volume 2 (Ubuntu Publishing)

51. Classic Mbaqanga Girl Groups Volume 4 (Electric Jive blog free download)

52. Sadat & Alaa Fifty Cent - The Best Of (Generation Bass)

53. DJ Nigga Fox - O Meu Estilo (Principe Discos)

54. Uproot Andy - Global Ting Vol. 1 & 2 (Que Bajo)

55. Roberto Valenza - Impermanence is Beautiful (Sloow Tapes)

56. Ignatz & Harris Newman - Bring You Buzzard Meat

57. Arvind Ganga & Rogier Smal - Turdbeach

58. Owiny Sigoma Band - Power Punch (Brownswood)

59. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou - The Skeletal Essences Of Afro Funk 1969-1980

60. S. E. Rogie - The Sounds Of S. E. Rogie Vol. 1 (Mississippi Records/Domino Sound)

61. Maguaré - Cumbia Insomnia (Zephyrus)

62. William Onyeabor - Good Name (reissue) (Luaka Bop)

63. Gang Do Eletro - Untitled (Deck)

64. DJ Tudo e Sua Gente de Todo Lugar - Pancada Motor / Manifesto da Festa (Mundo Melhor)

65. Christie Azuma & The Uppers International - Din Ya Sugri (reissue) (Superfly Records)

66. Adrian Crowley & James Yorkston - My Yoke Is Heavy: The Songs of Daniel Johnston (Chemikal Underground)

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