Friday, September 22, 2006


ok..this opens it. gates without a lock nor key, so looters, bums and whatnot; welcome to the palindrome dome! to the dutchies/flemishco's; I'll keep this all in English... linguistic globalization 1 vs local lingo 0. sorry.

backlog 22/09:

A sunny canal side sit-in with Castaneda at hand, interuptions come as they go, yet leaving while they slumber. A true satanist cycles by; in full black garment while holding a gigantic black umbrella, cowering from the rays. Nylon sun block for the wishfully sallow skinned. He is followed, rather haunted, by laughter from ordinaries, clerks, faculty yupsters and such. Self-expression is merely a comfort for those who follow the status quo model of acceptance, just as others just dwell in spheres of quirckiness, obscurity and rejection all the same, the other end of the spectre.

Just to keep it light at this very start, here some retro-synthastic muzak at your disposal. library headbanging rave galore!!! roaaaaaar.

Jean Jacques Perrey & Gershon Kingsley - Swan's Splashdown

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