Monday, October 02, 2006

Talking in NY synchronicity equals stupidity & Icelandic hangaround soundtrack for rainy day

Last nite, cafe & bok liquid enjoyment in Averechts. Minimalistic melancholia and dubby tunes provided by Bastiaan and some by me. Mixing bits for a few old chaps and affiliated people, a sunday night out the easy way. Must check out more of the Microcosm Music label, soothing melange! Wixel's nightly discovered stuff is good to, released on the Utrecht Mechanized Mind label of ehmm.. Bastiaan!

Monday morning feedback buzzing through the head, lacking thalamus adrenaline from a poor night's sleep indeed.
How to amuse yourself in this scenario; a dull grey day, office space dismay, creating the flutter for ample action and keep the employees at bay. hurray!

Then there always is New York small talk to cheer you up, it does the trick. We really need a Randstad version of this, I tell ye (fyi the triangle area of Amsterdam/Rotterdam/Utrecht/The Hague). Enlightenment through glum minds works a-treat indeed.


Woman: You know how those animal people are, though. I mean, I speak to them, though! I've done pigeon rescues and stuff before. I love animals.

Man: Did you ever bury your rats?

Woman: No... I just can't bring myself to do it.Man: How long has it been? Three years?

Woman: Yeah. They're still in my freezer.

Man: Just bury them already!Woman: I can't bring myself to do it! They were my favorite!

Man: But they're IN YOUR FREEZER! Why not have them stuffed, then?

Woman: What? No! That would be wacky!

--A train, 207th St

Blind date boy: So how long was your ex on the job?

Blind date girl: Well, he's been a cop for three years, but he still lives with his parents because of how little cops get paid.

Blind date boy: Cops get paid shit in the beginning.

Blind date girl: Well, he was making a lot more before, you know...

Blind date boy: Oh yeah, being a drug dealer.

--Austin St & 72nd Ave, Queens

On this windy & rainy day, to mark the start of the oh-so new autumn, some drowsy Icelandic tunes by Sigur Ros.

Sigur Ros - Josep Tekur Fimmuna i Vinnuna
Sigur Ros - Hlemmur #1
Sigur Ros - Hvalir i Utrymingarhaettu

The music is part of a soundtrack which they fully composed for the urban vagabondic documentary 'Hlemmur' by Olaf Sveinsson: ''Hlemmur is a film which revolves around the lives of some unfortunate destitute men who spend most of their time in and around reykjavík's main bus station, hlemmur'' Alcopop happiness in Icelandic slurs; short clip bit