Thursday, October 12, 2006

Krautrock in oblivion while a Grimm reaper appears as a shaman

Tomorrow, Faust live! A German free-travelling squatter boat on the northern Amsterdam docks serves as the ultimate fitting industrial setting. Stubnitz is the keyword.
Faust in depth; 50 year old krautrockers from a lost German improvisational era of the late 60's up to the 70's, where new boundaries were created and set the blueprint for a lot of the current experimental music, either electronic or acoustic driven. One could perhaps even go as far as saying that they might have inspired some early punk bands, but intangible webs better be left alone in fear getting into a sticky mess. The band is notorious for sticking it to 'the man', in most cases the audience gets their favourable disrespect in ways of verbal abuse or being spat upon by the band. How hardcore indeed. Don't let the below tracks fool you into false conclusions, diversity ages slow and fruitful.

Faust - Flashback Caruso (1973)
Faust & Dälek - Imagine What We Started (2004)

Back to current times, to the current flow of folk.
Larking Grimm plays this sunday afternoon, upstairs in the church-like Paradiso. Some say she is like the Cocorosie sisters, Joanna Newsom or Björk. Such talk is all a matter of shallow subjectivity since Larkin Grimm shapes music as spiritual energy and emotions. Those are her sincere words to speak out loud. It's lucid dreams out in the open, examined and rewrapped for your inner being. If all goes well, I'm having talk with her with the motivation to turn it into an article, though I'm getting more curious to know her outlook beyond the music, especially after reading a choice she made -or rather a path she took- last summer, found on her personal blog, July 2006:

"BECOMING A SHAMAN - yeah, those "freak folk" junkies are all talking about shamanic stuff, but I'm actually going to take my powers to another level by apprenticing under two shamans in upstate New York this August. In light of the coming need for a mass leap of consciousness (we're shooting for the year 2012), I've decided to help to facilitate the process of change by becoming a traveling shaman. I have been practicing many methods of dreaming recently, and trying to enable other peoples' dreamsduring my musical performances. I think that if we can just get people to imagine a better world, and to see their dreams as potential future rather than fantasy, we can really change things for the better. Personally, Iwant to see folks retiring their SUV's and riding their bikes to work, limiting unnecessary travel, and focusing on improving their local communities. After I get my certificate in "advanced shapeshifting", I'll be taking off on another tour, going out to California."

An onverview of songs, all unique in their spiritual buzz, healing those wounded:

Larkin Grimm - Pigeon Food (cd: Harpoon, 2005)
Larkin Grimm - I'm Just Saying Yes (unreleased, on blog, 2006)
Larkin Grimm - The Waterfall (cd: The Last Tree, 10 oct. 2006)
Larkin Grimm - Little Weeper (cd: The Last Tree, 10 oct. 2006)

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