Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Balls in the open, spirits to be cured

Faust on friday were truly psychedelic, droney and dadaistic. trademark guitar riffs on the other hands missed, but not for the worse. The sound in the lower deck of the steel boat it was held in, added a great deal to the atmosphere, albeit there weren't much people at it. At the encore, singer Jean-Herve Peron put on a robe while wearing nothing underneath, his balls swinging visibly with every move he made, surely a bonus you couldn't expect before from elderly avantgardist though he seems to be have been eccentric enough at past shows.

Larkin Grimm did a nice set in a candle-lit darkened upstairs room of the Paradiso. She freed each member of the audience of bad spirits by blowing sparks on them using an indian incense bundle. She closed it with a ritual of thanking the wind and water forces before starting her intricate folk melodies and singing her sincerely spirited words which deeply impressed the 20-headed audience. An afternoon of music and backroom talks kinda became a night of exploring the Amsterdam streets, vegan mexican food and salt-rimmed margarita's, thanks for the nice evening Larkin. She's playing tonight (17th yes) in Amsterdam's cafe Sappho after 21h, if anyone interested still catches this on time. Maybe another home improvisation session will happen this week out of the blue, with a special person joining our the folk cirle?

From the same Appalachian environments as Larkin Grimm, hails her indian spirited friend Lara Polangco, a young singer songwriter who plays the dulcimer too and did a lauded duo set with Larkin at the recent Terrastock 6 festival. Debut album should arrive soon I hope, after hearing this sweet-voiced folky song below.

Lara Polangco - Orphan Girl

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Pim said...

ah, ze speelt op de open mic avond van het ASG, dat is vaak wel gezellig. ik kan helaas niet vanavond (afspraak met een vriendin van lang geleden)

maar ik zie je zeker op rumor bij de vriendjes van larkin (en volgens mij spelen ze ook nog eens samen met m. ward, morgenavond in de kleine zaal van paradiso)