Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Electional currents of neo's and socio's

I feel should elaborate a bit on the Belgian/Flemish city council elections which were held last sunday, being an expat Belgo and whatnot, the ups and the downs clear cut out for ya! -oh I didn't vote, cos I'm not registered as living in Belgium, thus no vote for me, grumble-

All the controversy circulates around the Vlaams Belang party, the neo-conservatives of the Flemish part. As the wikipedia article shows, the neutrality is a serious topic so take a look at the talk page to get a better insight into the party's current views on resolutions.

Over the past few months there have been numerous manifests carried out through alternative media and musical manifestations, with oddly enough even Microsoft sponsoring this recent political concert in the Antwerp centre. All of lefty and socialist Flanders combined their creative forces to put a stop to the doom-politics of the neo-cons, something which is rarely seen in Western Europe these. For example in Holland when the politician Pim Fortuyn was in his prime rise of power before he got assasinated, there was hardly any strong fist made by the left. Therefore the vile neo-con crusade did not stuggle much with public blocks, which was a shame really though this says all about the unpassionate Dutch civil behaviour (this civil obedient grey mouse behaviour has always been present in Holland and is one of the things I truly, deeply hate about this country)

The outcome is that Vlaams Belang didn't gain much in the big cities, but they did climb 5% in overall in the Flemish part which is grim news. This happened mostly in the oh-so cultural countryside which is no sudden surprise. They heroicly call it a landslide win to fuel their own propaganda parade, whatever pleases them but the voting results in overall showed no real big wins or losses for any party. Locally, the scenario is different, especially concerning my fair birth city Antwerp, where the party has it's dirty roots. Antwerp had a 33%(!!!) Vlaams Belang city council over the past 4 years, while a socialist mayor kept his role. Sunday, the (well, cigar smoking) SPA-Spirit socialist party of the mayor, somehow managed to go up from 20% to 35% and now holds the majority of the Antwerp city council again. This came as a surprise since lefty people were fearing the worst for Antwerp this time. Still, the whitened suburbs showed an increase of VB votes and it's tough to swallow that there are stats of around 60% VB voters in those parts. Ignorance is bliss to those in their villa's, yuppie condo's and posh retirement homes and praise them who apparently think it's better to create a enthnical society gap, the empty humans they are.

VB's conclusion statement on the night of results was that it was the *newly achieved* immigrant vote that halted their march in the centre and the poorer parts of the city. ''Oh yes, it indeed is not fair to let decent, honest immigrants vote, ofcourse they work to clean your toilets, pick up your garbage, produce your products in unhealthy chemical factories and so on, but that doesn't make them people" Sarcastic indeed. According to these flemish fascists, immigrants who have recently become belgian nationals, should not be able to vote, purely based on the fact that they don't vote in the neo-con favour. I wonder how quickly their pignecks would turn if immigrants would vote for them, by godspeed I tell ye. Every time a member of VB was interviewed sunday night, they kept on referring to the immigrant/new national vote. Over and over again dragging this cat into the same alley. What gives; in fact there were just over 2000 new immigrants granted Belgian citizenship, thus 2000 votes they probably did not get. In a city of nearly 500.000 inhabitants, 1.000.000 for the whole Antwerp agglomeration, you can understand how ridiculous their moaning for the ignorant sounds. But yes, the ethic of this wonderful party goes deep...''we're not racists'' you can hear them scream, ''but we're fatherland culture loving nationalists" is what they chant, contineously, filling the air with their verbal poison.

Does that bascily mean that as an expat EU person, I normally should not be able to vote for the Dutch city council elections here either, which I did? Or should I be no problem, just cos I'm white and carry a EU identity? Welcome to the world of Flemish neo-cons. they are so so right.

In the end, the VB haven't lost much fact they slightly gained nearly everywhere or stayed equal. It's a dangerous stigma to be taken serious. Even at times where they have fucked up, they have not lost much support which is even more worrying which indicated the sheer stupidity of the voters following them. Scray shit has gotta give sometime.

Rant over and gutted.

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