Monday, December 11, 2006

The livingroom dove and Vientane charity drink

Last sunday afternoon a livingroom concert was organised with American songwriters Viking Moses and Ramona Cordova and local Dutch songwriters Danielle Liebeskind and Machinefabriek. Such events surely are more enjoyable than any kind of normal concert. Matrasses, pillows and carpets were laid down and soup, bread and cheese exchanged hungry stomachs. Danielle started the afternoon with heartfelt songs stirring her emotions and she played a superb Kimya Dawson tribute song. Ramona (named his artist persona in honour of his grandmother) kinda stole the show with his energetic guitar playing style and his poetic pitched singing. Perhaps some would lazily compare him to Devendra Banhart, but Cordova doesn't have the smarmy fantasy feel to it, rather little life stories twisted into a colourful wrapper. If you can make a whole room dangle their keys and sing along with your spiritual chants, there's something special worth feeling and touching upon. Viking Moses was pretty good too, loud alternative blues and rock alongside raw poetry from the heart. Spoken word even, in the sense that he roughly pulled it off as a emotional standup comedian. I liked the way he had one of his shoes taped in, as the sole was loose. real. Rutger, otherwise known as Machinefabriek closed the evening with his expected noodling and looping his guitar tones, but with added vocals on top of his grittycoustics. In the end, we kinda left like spoilt children, livingroom concerts will surely kick off a new era of Utrecht improvisation sessions organised by true enthousiasts.

Taken from Ramon's album The Boy Who Floated Freely on Parisian label Clapping Music.

Ramona Cordova - Introduction
Ramona Cordova - Heavy On My Head
Ramona Cordova - Non Title

Big big thanks to Iris for organising this sweet evening of special songwriters and good atmosphere, also kudos to Danielle for offering her spaceous livingroom to 30 odd people.

Oh btw! This Wednesday (13th) I'll be volunteering behind the bar at the Averechts cafe again, so dear Utrecht readers...please come and have a drink for charity! All money this month goes to the Vientane Youth Centre in Laos, an independent project for a free health and information centre for inner city youths. They could really use some generous funding to keep the centre up and running. Hope to see some of ye!...

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