Thursday, December 14, 2006

Mice Inc and Youth'ful expectations

A few mornings ago, with my work cabinet opened where clothes, book, herbal tea, bread and whatnot are stored (it seems my office cabinet is my 2nd home after all, shock horror), I discovered a deep hole carved into my bread, like a warm comfy nest imbedded into the wheat. Yeah, it's known our office at the reknown Rembrandtplein has mice, like any auld city centre. I just love the little rascals for their cleverness, sometimes we see them running around too, like on the first day of my training, aeons ago. -gawk!-. Instead of cleaning up my cabinet of the crumbs and pieces like my supervisor told me, I've been a bad boy and dissobeyed. Tough luck, little bellies got to be fed, so I left some pieces of cashew nuts around. They haven't been eaten, I reckon these mice truly have a picky connosseuristic choice of food. Nuts I say!

The day mice enjoyed my bread was followed by a monday night out to the grand OCCII squat venue where there was a breakcore night of some sorts with Otto Von Schirach ending his European stay. What can you say about a man who put bikini-clad lizards on his artwork? His sickly onstage persona creates all these beautifully ugly sounds, yet offstage he's the kind fella who talks with a charming lisp, Miami style. 3rd time seeing him in the space or mere months, you kinda get to mingle and know someone. Click-click-click; faux-pas gangsta glitch rap gets submerged with bodily spams sounds, the kinda sounds from bowels and throats if ye catch his driftwind. Beforehand, a funny dude by the name of Tony Blitzkrieg started the night, claimed to be Henk Westbroek (dutch radio personality who makes shitty light songs) while wearing a zombie mask and started rolling over the floor, priceless entertainment. He ran into the audience and like a dog attacking the leg of my friend Wouter. Imagine some psycho down on the floor clamping onto your leg and trying to bite it while you kick him away. It was a fun sight to see. Soon enough, Tony's shenanigans caused his midi music box to

Tomorrow nite, Sonic Youth are playing a 1,5 hour *supposed* improv set at the experimental State-X festival in The Hague. I'm saying *supposed*, because the organiser just loves a good noisy improvisation which he might just request from these auld ones. Then again, expectations are the pure pinnacle of disappointment. Instead to counter this too-good feeling, I'll just bear in mind that they will re-do all of Goo and Sister again and again like any puristic saddo fan will probably expect. Having experienced the Youth superbly improvising with sweeping guitars last year at a Barcelona festival and none of the same old songs, I was left gutted with the amount of moany saddo fans who voiced their anger of not getting to hear their favorite album hits. Yean, new raw material really feels like a punishment, doesn't? Poor people, who are all popcharties deep down inside should better realize for once that special does not equal repetition. So yeah, the question I'll raise is, will the same kind of people, who call themselves fans, still enjoy a set of improvised guitarslashing by Thurston and Kim or Lee destructively fooling with the pedals? Let's hope what comes around, goes around. Later that night, Thurston will join Chris Corsano and Paul Flaherty, Matt Heyner and Spencer Yeh, which could turn out to be a hefty mouthwatering improv affair. The No-Neck Bluesband will do their freaky holistic folk thing and I'm wondering if this time they won't get into a fight with each other as it happened at a Rotterdam gig last spring, ouch.

The saturday nite will be a very grimey and electronical affair with Plastician, MarkOne, Chris Clark and Jamie Lidell taking over. Even classic Finnish psychefolk act Circle will be playing wha-wha-what?? a smaller room though. Glamcore buddy Jason Forrest will be presenting the night as PA of the night. I smell a perfect cut-out. At least it will look more sane than him running around with his face and upper body covered in ketchup like 2 years back...ohhhhhmm.
I'm looking forward to see the Magick Markers, with guitar amps screeching at irritating rates.

Some tunes, unfortunately in iTunes M4A format for now....

(from Murray Street, 2002)
Sonic Youth - Sympathy For The Strawberry
Sonic Youth - Karen Revisited (in light of friday, it gets more interesting after 3 mins ;)

(from Maxipad Detention, 2006)
Otto Von Schirach - Trick Snitch
Otto Von Schirach - Cantaloupe Syphilis Gravy
Otto Von Schirach - Maxipad Vegetation

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