Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2007, a new blaze into oblivion

and a slap-happy new year to all of ye!

been awhile, yessa.

my new year kicked off by losing my phone in the early morning glory...... and actually it's not being missed, at all. I've always kinda hated having a mobile in general, bar the emergency/last minute meet up calls, so what's bliss to miss?
My pet hate are text msgs, when folks do not take time to express themselves through their vocal chords or send a decent e-mail. Yeah indeed, we're living in the communication degradation era of disinformation. With all extorsed media available to us nowadays, our technological *western* advancement has been ironicly reduced to strings of unattached words and signs in shortened patterns, only understood by those who speak the dial button lingo. It's a mad world; the more communication methods a civlisation creates, the less sense they ultimately make.
So, odds on me getting a new mobile soon? Slim, what me worry? !syke!

Busy man Derek Holzer is still up and about world travelling with his artistic audio set up of splendid field recordings. Last year the awesome Soundtransit travel engine was set up by Derek, Sara Kolzer and Marc Boon set up, as in travelling through sound! It;'s kinda like booking a flight online except you get free sounds back and anyway you want it. It's the rabbit's bollocks.
I got some field recordings up there too as Sebcatlitter if anyone cares, ~and more to come, yes blatant self promo muck yadda yadda.. ~
Anyway, also Derek has been dragged into the depths of Bloggerhell by the evil gnomes and his writings can be found here. Good thoughts on the better music around, an improvised Rafael Toral interview and his own touring meanderings and international shenanigans, plus some moustached Texas pics. Score.
He and Sara will be playing Amsterdam on February 17th. See and check.

Me and some friends organised a concert last saturday for a first time, in an underground parking garage in an exposition centre . Under the influence from flu, stressed out for arranging everything and getting it all right just on time...we did pull it off.
The lineup consisted of locals Wouter Van Veldhoven and Jan Schellink, Soccer Committee, Machinefabriek, Orphan Fairytale (Bel) and Mudboy (USA). The music was dead awesome and was all we hoped for. We had expected about 40 guest, but to our amazement it doubled to 80! It was nice to get such support from friends, friends from friends and aquintances so we better continue this stretch. Sadly, the parking garage spot won't be possible anymore as the exposition centre will close down. Damn, no more melancholia and pysche folked noise with such a great garage echo we had..bah. Here's the spiffy promo video we had made for this occassion:
Hortus Chaoticus event
Just want to give a heartfelt shout out to Rikkert, Boudewijn, Jet, Iris, Niels, Maarten and many more folks for helping us out in any possible way.

Strange music rules, strange meaning exoticly foreign in this case, especially if it's world music meshed with a local culture law. Truth is all a matter of context. Here's the earnest Pymgy analogy to the set context, that poor man.

"I feed you so today you become big fat woman, very good woman for me"
How can one not dig that casio melody?
Francis Bebey - Pygmy Divorce