Friday, June 08, 2007


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The Dutch cultural VPRO organisation always does very well to produce special docu's about lost and new music.....

A recent broadcast featured Terrie of legendary Dutch punk band The Ex and Tsehaytu Beraki. Terrie has his own world music label Terp, on which he mostly releases music of older Ethiopian artists. He discovered Tsehaytu Beraki living anonymously in Rotterdam, she's an old Ethiopian star singer from Eritrea who had been in the Eritrean rebel forces during the late 60's and in the mid 70's she fled to Holland as applied for political asylum. You can see the show streamed! she's one spicy granny.
-only to be viewed in WMP though, and yup..mostly in dutch.-

This weekend, they will broadcast a documentary about Jimmy Mohammed Jimmy which should be online after the weekend at the same website as above.

On the subject of the recently deceased Jimmy Mohammed Jimmy:
-I sadly have slacked to post a memorian that I planned to do so at the start of this year -sigh-

Tonight the good people of the Ex are organising an Ethiopian fundraiser night in the OT301 for Jimmy's family. See below all information, so come! These concerts and Ethiopian disco sound too special to pass and good causes deserve good attention. Life is sweet with all this sun and sticky heat. thanks for the feed Rik!


A special benefit night to pay tribute to Mohammed JimmyMohammed, the amazing blind Ethiopian singer who died onDecember 17, 2006 in Addis Ababa. Jimmy played with histrio 3 times at OT301 and is greatly missed by all of ushere as well as by the many friends and fans he made onhis Dutch tours. All proceeds from this night will go tohelp Jimmy's wife and 2 young children.

Etenesh Wassie - vocals
Marc Demereau - saxophones, melodica + gueulophone
Piero Pepin - trumpet, bugle, trombone + melodica
Mathieu Sourisseau - bass
Fabien Duscombs - drums


Film premiere; "THE JIMMY" by Stephane Jourdain
CD Release; "HULGIZEY" by Mohammed Jimmy Mohammed Trio

Photo and video gallery
Ethiopian food
Ethiopian disco with DJs Terrie + Andy

Entrance 8 euro

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