Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Jackfruit in sweetened coconut milk

yeah, been awhile again. Though I had intended to post a lot...which never accumulated.

Myumm, it's kinda hot here now and I'm overloading on Foco's Jackfruit/Coconut ice cream, thanks to the Chinese supermarket. Brainfreeze and frostbite dazzle.

Last weekend included an old skool rave party (SL2, Neil Landstrumm), a Kimya Dawson concert, a reggae bash of the good elephant crew and a sunday afternoon of world music in the park shaped into a festival. In a nutshell.

To make the shell smaller, I'll just add a petite thing for now on Kimya Dawson. Since she has had her baby Panda Bear (hmm, a spurr of Animal Collective fame) she has gotten u-turn cleaned-up motherly and even sweeter in her songs, crafting them like kiddie songs. Sesame street turned all bizarre and emo for the adults. I got her funny handcrafted ep filled with kid songs with pictures to colour in yourself. Happy times to be suckered into feeling like a kid allover again, guilty pleasures do me no harm :) No more songs about broken love, suicide and alcoholism for once, so mother Dawson..please stand up.

Kimya Dawson - Little Monster Babies
Kimya Dawson - Alpha Butt
Kimya Dawson - Seven Hungry Tigers

I will soon post something about that gypsy csarda violin style I was rambling on about before, which has been taunting my brain deliciously for the past few weeks. violins and drones; a perfect combo of acoustic lull.

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