Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bony kings and queens in improvised handwriting

And alas my loves, so the weekend surpasses its own current of constant backtracking on train tracks. From the Brabandian fields surrounding Eindhoven to the metropolitan bustle of Brussels, guided by warm wings :)

In a tucked away village field, the Broermoats festival took place from friday till saturday with a lineup of allsorts alternative music, put together by spiderthreadmaster Maarten, or better know under his nom de plume Flip met de hoed.
You could camp there and the idea was basicly to put your tent anywhere around the stages. Courtesy of free relocation and temporary bed placement. I was asked to put on some music inbetween some acts in the chillout area and with pillows aplenty, well, it easily turned into nest of comfyness as I pressed play buttons in relax mode while lying down of soft textures. Certainly way more enjoyable that way, dj-ing (or the attempt to) should always be that simple and lazy.
Saw some various electro and improv-like acts, having bits and bobs of food, watching visuals from a couch. Dead easy relaxed so the evening went and turned into night. The guys had made a shack into a cosy and arty lighted mini club, with the dj booth crafted like a cage. Me and Hank Long were locked into there from midnight till the bright morning, playing mashy stews of electro, rock, techno, jungle, computergame scores, hiphop, breakcore and world beats... you can play a lot in, say, 8 hours pfeww. Getting woken up by a soft daze of hazy saxphone and dubby sounds was a sleepy eyed pleasure. The festival picked up its pace at lunchtime and Benjamin's friendly Utrecht band Moi, Le Voisin did their folky set which was a bit too short, pity. Though I got real sunny and nice, we soon afterwards left the festival since we planned to go to Brussels, homestead of the bird. Together with the voisins on their way back to Utrecht for videoclip privilages, we got a lift by tractor on our way out.The last view was seeing some mad raver fella falling into one of the watery irrigation ditches. fun fun. The festival was great, such relaxed atmosphere, nice people, good music, booze n food. Plus all very well organised in a sincerely enjoyable amateuristic way. Oh, and the voisins running with their cello, accordeon and guitar was a fun sight to see.

The road to Brussels was all about lying down in the sun, whether in trains or on green pastures.
It was quite a while ago that I had been in Brussels and in the sun it all looked so different, hence I've mostly been there when it was raining. Me as the turtle, Ness as the snail, both shaped like backpacked animals. It's an analogy that made the burdened walk more funny.
Brussels has a lot of free festivals, there's always one of more going on it seems. The Klinkende Munt festival took place in the Beursschouwburg theatre with Jeremy Warmsley (UK) and Gary Lucas (USA) on the bill. Jeremy Warmsley was described as a songwriting Aphex Twin or Arcade Fire in a box. Kinda odd and you wonder why this spin is given to him, as to us, he sounded more like a Rufus Wainwright or Andrew Bird in younger years. The pianoplayer was the most entertaining character on stage. Not that he did so much, except just being the token eccentric type who performed like a skilled madman. Fun for the eyes and ears. Breaktime meant time for stairsitting with belgo beer at hand. It's always a bonus. It's funny to bump into someone you know in a place you've never been before, so it goes. After that gitarist Gary Lucas came on, famous from his escapades within the mighty Magic Band of the ole' Captain Beefheart that we treasure so dearly. He played improv guitar noise over classic cult horror movies. Fun for the eyes, fun for the ears. Next day we lazied around markets, parks and city views in a sunday manner. And ofcourse, another free festival, the Plazey festival in the open air surroundings of a park. We especially came for The Bony King of Nowhere, a young folky revelation from Gent, spearheaded by the 20 year old Bram van Parijs. Ness told me that Devendra Banhart praised this fella highly and since they played the Domino festival they are quickly rising to fame. Even without a proper album. Reason enough to catch them and yup, it was good. Good enough to put up some unreleased tracks here, taken from the Alas My Love demo ep that Bram was selling out of a shoebox. Earnest indeed. :)

The Bony King of Nowhere - Alas My Love
The Bony KIng of Nowhere - Jack Tar

We saw some other band playing, Donkey Diesel, though the rain and our hunger took the attention span off the stage. An Pierle was supposed to play after, but not to be seen as I had to get my train back to the rainy hollandonian landscapes. But soon to return to La Belgique, yay! Actually every weekend up to the beginning of August will be spend in the homelands, as there are just too many good festivals, gigs and sweet people to visit. One can't deny the roots under that joyfull suspicion.

this coming weekend.....Dour! starting thursday...Wu Tang Clan, Skatalites, Israel Vibration, Amon Tobin, Wilco, Les Ogres de Barback, A Hawk and a Hacksaw and whatnot... fun will continue! And perhaps Animal Collective too, playing in the open air next to a Brusselian railway station? Or the option of a monday evening, BBQing with Wolf Eyes? Overdose guaranteed.

I'm in by going out, out of it while staying in. Loophole roundabouts...merrily, merrily, merrily.
enjoy your week, ending into weekend.

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