Monday, October 01, 2007

Male, 27, seeks closure to commute to freedom

It's been a while.

To speak with the Ladysmith':

*Homeless, homeless
Moonlight sleeping on a midnight lake
Homeless, homeless*

Since today I am out on the streets, officialy. and by my own signature. The stone heavy responsibility has fallen of me with its shackles cut.

Not much to say except that in about three weeks I'm on my way to India for 6 months. So it seems. With various projects in mind, so it hopes. With numerous vague possibilities ahead, so it relishes. Still lots to arrange, plan and improvise. Surely that's enough work for a 9 to 5 day job for the next few weeks. yay. But at least the boss doing the thinking upstairs is capable of doing, so one believes. Shackled to my own body and inerd processes that is.

Jessica Baillif's set saturday at the ambient festival in the Kikker theatre was deeply serene and shoegazer-polishing beautiful. check out song below.

Here some great songs, raps and instrumentals that I have been enjoying over the last year, yet never shared up till now. taste!

Jessica Baillif - Shadow (album to be found at the friendly good people of Morc Tapes label!)
Bird to Be - Shallow (in its lo-fi glory. chirpy birds sing nice songs)
Sandro Perri - Circles (from 'Sandro Perri plays Polmo Polpo' EP at Constellation)
Haruki - In The Garden (to get for free at the Rain Music weblabel. go forth and check)

Tsegue-Maryam Guebrou - Tenkou! Why Feel Sorry? (Ethiopiques#21, piano africadirium!)
Artur Adriano - Kalunga (1960's angola) (off some 4 disc compilation that has a 50 yoyo tag)

Bleubird - Blackhawk Down feat. Sole (from the album RIP USA/The Birdfleu on Endemik recs.)

Wooden Wand - Vengence, Part2 (off Harem of the Sundrum & the Witness Figg, is it doomblues, freakfolk, rock? just Wooden Wand)

nighty night.

In the next weeks till country kick-out I'll beep here from time to time with a letter or two, but always failing promises, promiscuously.

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