Thursday, October 18, 2007

Csardistic goodbye

I don't watch much footie games anymore -none in all fairness- , but I do love to hear underdogged countries beating established national teams, especially idf it's east against west. Such as last week; Russia beating Engand so that the ever arrogant lions might be cut out of the cup. Then Romania - Holland 1-0 to the Romanians, yay. Most dutch people always expect their team to win as if it's business as usual and therefore I'm happy for the Romanian people they got something to cheer about. Let's hope they'll fare well at the euro cup, better than the western euro teams, hah. In Honour to Romania (errr and partly Hungary) some csarda and szokos songs, nearly all by a multiple array of violins only, bar a cimbalum in the Taraf de Haidouks song.

Day before yesterday, an interesting conversation with a certain Kees, who knew a lot about the early start of immigrant integration in the early 70's and the then government's stance to it which he could explain to me by his own experiences. In those days, it was a very socialist government, so the dutch like to say and believe. Guess again. In some cities, developers built new *cheap* flats that the immigrant workers could buy through the government. Instead of selling them at the the low cost that the flats were worth, they were sold for the double amount and immigrants not knowing about the price-quality value, got suckered into buying them. Those flats are now in quite a bad state compared to other builings built during that period. Yeah sociaist government. I reckon for the builders it was all well and socialist. Even in Holland, socialism and moneygrabbing go and in hand;

Oh and then the upcoming law against the mushroom, which will make it illegal to sell fresh schrooms soon enough. Even liberal liberties are not free anymore nowadays. Thanks to all the shithead drugtourists that cause unhealthy usage in Amsterdam as some novice junkies feel mushrooms should always be used together with alcohol, pills or cocaine so they can occasionally die when jumping off a builing or in front on tra,s. No, surely mushrooms on their own are not enlighting enough to them. Idiots.
Back to the forests to forage it is then. Yipee kayee. In support to friends who hopefully can keep the mushrooms safe from this politcal witch hunt, I hope that they can win their battle in the next 6 months when I'm gone. See Paddoverbod Nee!

And so it comes to this, the last post on old style rabbit for a while. I'll be in India for the next 6 months, leaving in a few days.

But but but, I'll blog elsewhere on the newly created India blog; Ek, do, tin, accha! 1,2,3, ok! in hindi ;)

Ok, bye for a while, see you at ek do tin!


nardac said...

Hey... just discovered yer blog. What happened to 2008? You have some good stuff here. Keep the living strong.

SebCatLitter said...

ey there,
thanks, I've been (am still) busy traveling the India subcontinent. take a peek this specific blog for writings, sounds and visuals: