Friday, October 12, 2007

Smoking frogs forget to explode

Little one from the temporary hiding place.

Mum has a new album, which I'm told is sweetly bizarre and special. Some will throw it into the pile of generic freakfolk or shape it in whatever categorised name but Mum have always had their own fair share of unique sounds that can be described as heartwarming icelandic snowcaps.
Put it any way that you like it, as normal analogies fail with the best.

I've only heard/seen the song They Made Frogs Smoke 'til They Exploded and I like it. Kiddie voices, fluffy beats, clinging melodies, it's all there to tickle the fantasy and innocent nostalgia. See the clip below and draw yourself a picture......

Ok, off to busy bee practices of running around and arranging stuff.


ian said...

Wow, Múm... I used to really like them, but then I thought yer wan started singing too much.

Maire said...

Interesting to know.