Thursday, November 16, 2006

Engerland, or should we say Angerland

some nighty night out, said the owl.

Don't we just love the crass fat bellied men that England exports whenever there's a football game or any sporting event? Last night, the scenario was Holland vs England here in Amsterdam, in the form of a friendly footie game which was a pure waste of everyone's time. So ofcourse droves of semi-hooligans and other supposely nice folks flooded the centre. After a serious pub session last night, which basicly was all about playing endless games of backgammon in a silly stupor and chugging many Bruges Blondes all night long , me and buddy Yann ended up walking through the red light district with unclear heads. Imagine yourself amidst an english flock of sickly boozed and coked-up cattle, who are looking for a dame to pound 'n punch upon. It was hubba hubba in loose monekyland, their rotten bananas stiff from filthy stenches. How in a perfect equal world it would be desired for the dames to retake their honour Sin City stylee. Kick it up. Especially when the loose beefmonkeys seem to think they have the right of laying abuse and mockery onto the windowed ladies. Not a pretty sight thus we quickly needed to get out of this evocative negative spiral leading downward. It got weirder when sitting crouched in front of a hateful burger king joint, listening to tunes on the earphones and suddenly getting change thrown into your lap you as people presumed you needed it. Why thank you. Muscles aching, legs wobbly, vision blurry and the mind way too unstable since thr 7:30 wake-up call....I'm in my self created inferno, I must really thank myself this time.

To add bandages to the misery, some salvaging gospel blues from the 1950's......

Reverend Gary Davis - If The Lord Be For You (woah that female voice! the cocorosie gals sure ripped it off) ;)
Limmy's page full of fart art for which you need to put your streetwise Scottish hat on. It's dried humour and he does it well, I like the pissy video's best.
Requiem!!! Requiem!!! :)


Maarten van der Glas said...

Pure genius this writing is! You overwhelm me with the feeling of recognition. I thank you my friend.

Nessa said...

Requiem! REQUIEM!! ye c**t.

Hee hee, glad you enjoyed the Limmy page.

I'm gonna have a proper read over your blog later, looks good, but there's a hellavalot there man.


Conor said...

"suddenly getting change thrown into your lap you as people presumed you needed it"

Get your haircut and have a shave Seb!!

only joking of course .. was great to see you in Vienna .. I'm embarrassed that I forgot to give you back your brown rainjacket!