Monday, November 13, 2006

Pouring from above, weeping here below

musica da dia:

Dirty Three - Last Horse on the Sand
'cos it's one of those mondays; ugly, grey, torrid, cold, wet....should one go on tormenting the spirits? What better way to counter it with -ahem- some pure sullen melancholia........

Dorit Chrysler - Spring Breeze
Dorit Chrysler - Chlorophyll
Dorit Chrysler - My Sweet Chimera
(All taken from that superb No Woman No Cry Vol.2 compilation received as a promo)
Some nice lo-fi electro pop tunes for when the rain keeps pouring down and the winds sweeps the streets. Hmmm who's trying to be Stereolab or Broadcast here? British melancholia transfered to New York.

ps: these files are all in m4a format, as my crappy office PC only allowed iTunes ripping which is solved now. If you desire mp3 format, lemme know.

Last nite, walking past a coffeeshop appropriately called Hugo de Groot (dutch humanist theorist from the late 1500's) and catched the bizarre sight of a free parrot sitting on a branch near the window bathing in blue neon light. Bird must be stoned all day, perhaps that's his best realm of reality under such circumstances. poor one/lucky one* (*select your prefered feeling)

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