Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Zizou post-rocked at your disposal, shall we?

Aaaaaaaaaaah noooooooooo Grizzly Bear cancelled their European tour thus also the Utrecht show for this saturday 'cos all their equipment got stolen in Belgium off all places (in Brussels ofcourse)!!. Yeah, Belgolandia being an indie country and all apparently doesn't matter when it comes to nicking vintage instruments, so it goes. Hmmm, the black markets in the Brussel suburbs might be the spot where these will turn up. Covered in rain, scratches and other sacrileged treatments endured I duly suppose. Blind Ethiopian singer Jimmy Mohammed Jimmy is replacing the grizzlies which is a different but still smart move as his music/voice is amazing.

songs of GB's latest album 'Yellow House' (spot on Joana, it's great yeah!)
Grizzly Bear - Knife
Grizzly Bear - Plans
Grizzly Bear - Easier

The new Mogwai tribute soundtrack to Zidane (some froggie football player, if you had no clue) has just arrived and quickly slammed into the player because why wait if the food is still warm and smells so tasty? Oh oh oh! Warm melancholic feelings of inner nostalgia engulf the body and soul and we're thrown back to those peak days of the ever classic 'Come On Die Young' and the 'Stanley Kubrick EP', at last! Yeah I am being overly ecstatic here and unable to hide it, the goosebumps pop up constantly and reflections to one's early post-rocky influenced past appear in forms by flashbacks of ex-lovers, special moments and shit occurances in life. Bless these fuzzylectric Celtic saints, who inspired by their footie addiction deliver their best work since a long long time.

Mogwai - Black Spider
Mogwai -7:25

chugga chugga! ~no chuggie~


pikonasso said...

Hi Seb!
it´s Roberto, from spain here
It´s this the complete album or only two songs?

SebCatLitter said...

oooooyy Roberto! todo bien en Dublino..or Andalucia? nice to see ye here. I only added 2 songs of the new album (#1 & #5), not all....but the album is totally worth it! I've linked your blog to mine too, thanks ;)