Sunday, March 11, 2007

Animals in the Rabbit den

It probably has become quite clear that the Animal Collective ranks pretty high on the soundsystem down the Old Style Rabbit hole. Yup. But can anyone name another band that has brought such a special sound these past few years? Perhaps the way they push themselves deeper with every album is scary to most people, who instead rather dwell on old favorite bands that do not hit the innovation bar as severely. Expectation is a silent killer folks.

I don't want to turn this into a writeup lesson about the band or anything, Wikipedia can do that trick. Just providing some footage and audio is the theme I carry around on this late sunday. In this case, wrapped in a paper bag, sprinkled with crayola colors. It's the give-away kinda bag.

Below a clip of a live session with members Avey Tare and Doctess did at a French radio station, covering The Purple Bottle song in stripped vein. Doctess is in fact Kria Brekkan, or better known as Kristín Anna Valtýsdóttir -remember her from the Icelandic group Múm?- and who has recently become Avey's wife. European and American freakfolk married in unity. Soon an album of the couple too, see here.

Avey Tare & Doctess - The Purple Bottle
(the audio version of above clip, I like the way that for once it's possible to clearly hear their lyrics, which otherwise is kinda...errrr, impossible.)

Avey Tare & Doctess - I've Got Mine
(me thinking pre web search; where do I know this female voice from?)

Animal Collective - People
Animal Collective - My Favorite Colors
(both released in 2006 as an EP on an obscure Australian label, this is wholly shamanistic stuff!)

Ok, time to snooze off.

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