Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Crooked links n 'fings.

quickie; noticed that most of the friendly blog links and other links where all crooked, wrongly formatted by me. Oops. Fixed now! Stop hitting me.

*It's got spam in it, I don't like spam!* classic Monty Python


Carolina Medeiros said...

hi, seb! this is carol from brazil. :) hey, i have a weblog too, but it´s in portuguese. can you read that?

kissu :*

carol said...

i was looking at your blog links, and i saw my blog there. sorry for the last comment, but i didn't notice that before. by the way, thanks for linking me. :) but the question still remains... can you understand the things i write on my blog? how's your potuguese?

kissu :*

SebCatLitter said...

hey carolina,
yup I linked ye earlier this week, welcome to the manky rabbit hole. things aren't organised here ;)
I kinda understand your writing, but not all of it. The same as with the writings of Joana and you both have your own context, whether Brasilian or Portugese, which I probably can not keep apart :) but hey, quitting is for deadbeat rabbits, so I try.