Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ghosthorse tales; Raphael you know just how to take me in the swimming pool like a child (!@#$%^&*?)

ey there,

While the press always hypes things up on the presumption that unhinged artistic images need to be pushed onwards -like Joanna Newsom last year-, Coco Rosie is likely to get this year's cuddle trophy from the associated alternatives, hence the new album is being overdosed with praise. Adorable indeed for the folks who have yet to discover their crafty child's play, but a tedious repetition for those with the initial attention span.
In short, the new Coco Rosie album 'The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn' has kind of lost the sincere innocence as portrayed in earlier lullabyes, my inner demon/angel tells me. I guess this youthfull and intimate innocence quality turned me onto their music from the first moment, made me share it and experience it with others at special times. Sweet loving thoughts eventually turned into sour feelings, lost in the ugly bliss. You kinda get that with musical memories attached to emotions, making you leap into highs and lows....

While the album disappoints in full play, there are a few amazing gems on it that can still capture their playfull essence at its best. Karen Dalton, Nina Simone and Maria Callas remain in artistic unison here:

Coco Rosie - Black Poppies
Coco Rosie - Animals
Coco Rosie - Raphael

no pics no pics no pics. let the press machine run their own operation ;)


Aly said...

"Those with the initial attention span", eh?

You indie snob ;)

Mia said...

A review in Dutch.
At some level I agree, but then again, totally not :D


SebCatLitter said...

ah analysis galore! see, not even the press needs a backlashing spur.

re: Mia
My take on the Fazecas review, sees it as a sincere yet subjective one, sublimely carried out in an adorable way. I admit her writing is infectious; filling you in on personal factiods, little glimmers of her own thought explosions and other webs of storytelling.
ah sim, eu terei lida leitura da Maria-C. muito gosto!

side point: Pierre & Gill; the pinnacle of art-deco cover art. yes, spontaneous creations are followed up by thought-up doodoo. Crave it en-masse. People do take it by the handfull.

I like the way how Fazecas does not refer to any of my personal choices. subjectivity is the witch in the beholders eye, and my eye must surely be tainted. Peculiar how it is not mentioned that 50% of the album has been recorded in Utrecht, 1 mile from the rabbit hole, which for a dutch review...might be of use.

see april 9th. offically not existing yet, but the talks about it do.

aly: nitpicking birds do eat a lot.

SebCatLitter said...