Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Thriftstore gifts, handpicked for your hunger

Oy oy, Jo spilled the beans in her peculiar surprising demeanor, Instant dose of warmth and a blushing glow! :)

Another year, none the wiser. Inflation does strike the age trough gaining scratches, lacerations and whatnot scars of experience. So says the inner advisor. Scary. But I smore him deep down.

Pixeled cake, it tastes empty so don't bite it. but instead click and listen. Here some b-day treats in audio from me....for you all!!!!!!

Animal Collective vs. Ko├žani Orkestar - Oi Bori Sujie (from 'Electric Gypsyland #2')
(the virtuous Animal fella's doing a gypsy remix for this auld Macedonian brass band, ofcourse! So obviously well-suited, plus perfectly warped and psychedelic too! THE remix of the year so far!)

Mudboy - Starlight (from This Is Folk Music)
(keywords: psychedelic, drones, organ. All is good)

Haruki - Ants Qualify for Tree (from 'Birds And Other Machines')
(yessa, soft Belgo electronics from a turns so sweet after 1:20, I can almost feel it hugging me)

Linda Perhacs - Chimacum Rain (from Parallelogram)
(this is freak folk from way back, such droney sounds, we're talking 1970 here!)

Tommy Johnson - Slidin' Delta Blues (from 'The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of')
(that voice, the ragged guitar picks. 1928, bliss and awe)

Is it too much cake???? There's the bonafide bucket in the corner to throw up in if needed....

Oh, this saturday me and 2 other friends organise a co-op birthday party in a fairly inhabited warehouse in the nothern side of Utrecht. With DJ's, alcopop drink, vegan grub and the usual nightly wares on offer, providing for this all-nighter gig. Yay. Totally DIY though. Expect disorder and mingling, in a friendly neighbourhood punk-ass way. Errr, you folks around Utrecht, if you didn't get any invitation (by accident), do mail me and just show up! Forgetfulness comes with anxiety. To you internationals out there, you are openly invited indeed, whether you can make it is another thing alltogether ;)


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